The world Wide Fund for Nature
Everybody knows the panda that is the symbol of WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature. WWF is the biggest conservation organization in the world.

LOOK! Cheerleaders in the USA

There are 3.3 million cheerleaders in the USA. Nearly all American sports teams have professional or amateur cheerleaders.
Cheerleading is a glamorous sport!!
It's fun, but it's also a very competitive sport!!
The first cheer was invented in 1880 at Princeton University American Football game.
Ray, ray, ray!
Tiger, tiger, tiger!
Sis, sis,sis!
Boom boom boom!
Princeton, princeton, PRincetoon!

REPORT.Britain's young photographers

Every year, RSPCA organizes a competition for young people to take photos of animals. Here are four winners.

Megan McCubbin
(12 years old)

Megan was in a bot in Scotland when she took this photo of hungry gannets.

Alex Worthington (10 years old)

Alex took a few pictures of this chamaleon at an animal park in England. The chamaleon is looking at him.

Isabella Williams (13 years old)

Can you see the cat in this plant pot? It is Baby Kitty, the cat at Isabella's grandmother's house in Californa, USA.

Sophie Livsey (11 years old)
Sophie was taking photos of flowers in her garden when this frog jumped out.

CRAZY. Fun paper shredders

Do you have letters that you don't want your parents to read? Well, here's the perfect gtadget-a paper shredder. You put the paper in the frog or the cow's mouth, and wind...


PEOPLE. Eva Longoria

Name: Eva Jcqueline Longoria Parker
Date of birth: 15 March, 1975
Age: 23
Srtar sign: Pisces
Place of birth: Texas, USA
Eva Longoria, The Mexican-American actress, plays the beautiful ex-model Gabrielle Solis in Desesperate Housewife.
She grew up on a ranchin Texas. She has a university degree in kinesiology. After winnig a talent contest, she went to Los Angeles, California, to became an actress.


After 20 million albums sold, the British pop singer is back with a new album. She made the album in Los Angeles, California. "I'm inspired by the great songwriting tradition in America. I love getting in my car and going on long drives and writing songs," she says.

Her real name is Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong!!

CINEMA.Nim's Island

A girl called Nim lives on an Australian island with her father. She is friends with three animals: a sea lion, a turtle and a lizard. But her father disappears at sea, so Nim asks for help from her hero: adventurer Alex Rover. But in fact Alex Rover is a fictional character, invented by a timid writer also named Alex Rover. Will Alex leave New York to help Nim?